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Updated: Apr 8, 2023


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Lizard pose, also named Utthan Pristhasana in Sanskrit, is an excellent stretching asana for your hip flexors, hamstrings and quadriceps. Practicing this pose helps a lot in developing flexibility in your hips and strengthening leg muscles.

How to Lizard pose

  1. Start in Downward-Facing Dog.

  2. Inhale and lift your Right leg up toward the ceiling.

  3. Exhale and step your right foot to the outside of your right hand.

  4. Align your toes with your fingertips and keep your right knee on top of your right heel (Your right knee should be bent at a 90-degree angle).

  5. Option to turn your right toes out (45° to the right) or keep them pointed forward but keep your kneecap in the same direction as your second toe.

  6. Lower your forearms to the floor, placing your elbows underneath your shoulders and forearms parallel to each other.

· Try to stay in the pose for 5 deep breaths.

· To come out of the pose, inhale and straighten your arms so your wrists are underneath your shoulders. Exhale and lift your hips up toward the ceiling to go back in your Downward-Facing-Dog.

. Repeat on the other side.


This pose:

✨ Strengthens legs, hips and glutes.

✨ Stretches hamstrings, hip flexors and quadriceps.

✨ Relieves soreness in the inner thighs.

✨ Improves focus, energizes creativity and releases emotion.

✨ Helps reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting or inactivity.

✨ Alleviate low back pain or sciatica, release tension, and prevent injury.


➡️ Not planting your front foot far enough forward

➡️ Twist your hips toward your back leg = keep them unaligned with your shoulders toward the front edge of your mat.

➡️ Draw your front knee away from your body OR/AND draw your front knee past your ankle.

➡️ Round your back.


If Lizard Pose is too hard for you to perform safely, try these 3 variations to realise in your mat instead:

1/ If you find some limitations/stiffness in your hip flexors and groin as well as your back, keep your arms straight instead of lowering onto forearms.

OR you can place a block underneath each of your forearms.

OR you can place both hands on the front thigh just above your knee.

2/ If you experience some discomfort in your back knee, you can place a blanket underneath it.

OR even lift your back knee from the ground.

3/ If your glutes and hips are overly tight and inflexible, keep your arms extended and step your front foot a little further out away to create more space for your hips and glutes.


Raise your rear knee by placing a block or a blanket underneath and keep your leg extended.

Are you ready to challenge yourself in LIZARD Pose?

1/ From your Lizard pose, transition into Twisted Lizard.

2/ From Lizard pose, try to go into Bound Lizard.

Now it's your turn and let me know in the comments section below how it was for you!

8 poses to improve your LIZARD pose

Below I have selected a few asanas that can help you develop the flexibility and strength needed to perform Lizard pose:

◼️Top left corner: Squat/Garland pose - Malasana

◼️Top center: Crooked/twisted monkey pose - Vakra Hanumanasana

◼️Top right corner: Low Lunge Pose - Anjaneyasana

◼️Center-right: Pigeon Pose - Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

◼️Lower right corner: Butterfly Pose - Baddha Konasana

◼️Lower center: Forearm plank- Phalakasana II

◼️Lower left corner: Cradle pose - Hindolasana

◼️Center-left: Half Happy Baby Pose - Ardha Ananda Balasana

◼️Center: Lizard Pose - Utthan Pristhasana


➡️ You can stay in each of these poses for 10 breaths before moving on to the next. And don't forget to repeat on the other leg if applies.

➡️ You can use blocks, books, blanket or any kind of supports to help you in each of these poses.

➡️ This asana requires strength and flexibility to perform. Be patient, gentle in your movements and listen to your body.

Come on your mat, enjoy this mini sequence and share your practice.

And if you have a bit of time, let me know in the comments section below how this practice was for you, I cannot wait to know and to read you!

With love,

Anne Po.

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